What is the Scientific Basis for Understanding and Protecting Lake Winnipeg?

Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium - Science Workshop

Siobhan Field Station

Fort Whyte Nature Centre

1961 McCreary Road, Winnipeg

April 26th & 27th, 2011




Steering Committee: Dr. Burton Ayles, Dr. Brenda Hann, Dr. Greg McCullough,

Dr. Karen Scott (Chair), Mr. Mike Stainton

Moderator: Dr. Burton Ayles

Workshop Objective: Evaluate the progress that has been made on the science priorities and research needs identified in the 2004 Science Workshop (Ayles and Rosenberg, 2005) with an emphasis on synthesizing and evaluating existing knowledge in support of current and emerging management issues as identified by the agencies directly responsible for the Lakes aquatic resources.


11:00 AM       Registration & lunch

12:30 PM        Welcome & Workshop Overview – Dr. Karen Scott

12:45 PM        Session 1 – Abiotic Factors Influencing Primary Productivity

Speaker – Dr. Gertrud Nurnberg (Internal Phosphorus Loading)

            Moderated Discussion – Based on Proposals W5, H7, W2

  Does Table 1 accurately reflect all ongoing or completed projects and results that bear on the proposals?

  What additional information is needed to answer the questions implied in the proposal?

  How will addressing these gaps contribute to a better understanding of the ecosystem or to management decision-making?

  Additional comments on the original proposal

3:00 PM          Coffee

3:15 PM          Session 2 – Food Webs (pelagic, littoral, benthic) & Near-shore

Moderated Discussion – Based on Proposals H8, F1-3, F5, H2-4, H6

  Questions as per previous session

DAY 1 continued

5:00 PM          Aperitif, dinner

6:15 PM          Session 3 – Other Stressors

                        Speaker – Dr. Bob Hecky (Multiple Stressors and Large Lakes)

Discussion – Based on Proposals W7, F6, F7, F4 & H9

  Questions as per previous sessions

~9:00 PM        Wrap up Day 1




9:00 AM         Review of previous days activities and overview of Day 2

9:15 AM         Session 4 – Status of Lake Winnipeg Modeling Efforts

  What is the status of the proposed models W1, W6, F8 (W7) and others that are in development?

10:00 AM       Session 5 – Management Objectives

  Discussion of priority management objectives

10:30 AM       Coffee

10:45 AM       Session 6 – Science Within a Management Framework

  Discussion and evaluation of management objectives from a scientific perspective

12:30 PM        Lunch

1:15 PM          Session 6 – Continued. Workshop wrap up

3:00 PM          Coffee & farewells


The Science Workshop will be immediately followed by a Field Season planning meeting – for anyone working on the Motor Vessel Namao or requiring LWRC on-lake science support.